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      In this website we'll talk about some ANIMES!!!

      Animes are made by drawing, and computer work. Almost all of the animes are based on mangas. Animes are very

different from comics, like "hawks" and "bat-man". Animes are diferent at so much places, including drawing-style, story-

boarding, voice act, and character design. Anime drawings, mostly have big eyes. Anime is made from over 430

production studios from Japan. One of the most common one to hear for anime production is "Studio Ghibri". The earlist

animation that Japan made was at year of 1917. The very anime that came out was less than 5 minutes!!!

Anime have variety of types like:

Here is some animes that is well known:

Fairy tail (フェアリーテイル)

      This story is about a mage fighting. Also this story will make you

really laugh. This story is mostly about mage called "Natsu". He is in the

mage guild called Fairy tail. Everybody is nice, and like a family to all of

the member in Fairy tail. Other than Natsu there is Erza, Grey, Wendy,

Lucy, Happy, and Carla. These seven is most common ones. There was actually

movie going on at Japan right now Date of May 6 2017. You might be able to watch

it on movie theatre but if you watch it on online, at least you might need to wait until

August. You could read about it more here.

One piece (ワンピース)

      One piece is a story that pirates fight. It's not a normall pirates. Most of the

characters from one piece has a unique power. These unique powers will be gained

by eating a fruit called Devil Fruit. If you eat Devil fruit you won't able to swim for

rest of your life. But instead you will gain a ultimate power!!! In One piece main

character is Luffy known as Straw Hat. He ate Gum-Gum fruit when he was little. His

dream is to became a king of pirates and get treasure called "One piece". He was

alone at first but he slowly get crews. His crew's name is Zolo, Nami, Sanji, Franky,

Chopper, Brook, Usopp, and Robin.

Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール)

      Dragon ball is a story that people fight with bare-hand and uses

some powers using "ki". Goku is a main character that is invincible and

impossible to beat. He have a lots of friend like Kuririn, Yamucha,

Vegitta, Buluma (Vegitta's wife), Bura (Vegitta' daughter), Truncks

(Vegitta's son), Tenshinhan, and Kamesennin. Other than friends he

have family, his wife's name is Chichi, and his first son is Gohan, and his

second son is Goten.

Naruto (ナルト)

      Naruto is a fighting anime but ninjas are the one who is fighting!!! Naruto

is name of main character and Naruto was named after food called naruto

beacuse he likes it too much. Naruto is actually a deman known as nine-tailed

fox and was treated bad. He is a failure as a ninja at first, but he have great

potential so he become a good ninja at the end. Naruto is trying to be a

fully qualified ninja. He and his teammate face different missions and

challenges in order to become stronger. Here is a picture of Naruto.

      What we have seen just now is like a one out billion. There're almost infinite animes in Japan. In 2017, spring

(january), there was already more than 60 new animes going on from this year!!! Almost every single anime is based on

manga. Like what we just saw, it is based on manga, too. Animes were first created in 1970. Anime's drawing have been

improving from 1970 until now. Animes like Slum dunk and Akira was made in olden days, so drawing look so different.

      If you are looking for sites to watch in Japanese, here is some(Some of them have English sub):

If you are watching animes you should know these keywords!!!

      Here is some of animes that is prefered from most of the people that watches anime and will refresh your mind.


 Action animes.

 Romance animes.

 Sad animes.

 Music animes.

 Sport animes.

 Comedy animes.